Beginning in August 2018, the focus of Sunday nights at Oliver Creek will be to bless the world. To bless means to build others up, to fill them with encouragement, and to help them flourish. We want to equip our members to bless the world in both word and deed in the name of Jesus Christ. (To learn more about why, check out our post here.)

The Transforming GRACES will serve as our curriculum each month. We will put them into practice in assemblies, in community, and in the world.

  • AUG:  Give thanks.
  • SEPT: Reflect on the Word.
  • OCT:  Ask deeper questions.
  • NOV:  Commune with God.
  • DEC:  Eat together.
  • JAN:   Serve your neighbor.


We will aim the regular rhythms of the church—worship, Bible study, service, and fellowship—at God’s mission to bless the world. On the first and second Sunday nights of the month, we will worship, preach, and teach in assemblies at Oliver Creek. On the third week of the month, we will go out to serve in Bless Groups. On the fourth week, Bless Groups will meet together in homes over a shared meal to reflect on the month’s teaching and practice. On 5th Sundays, we will host an event at Oliver Creek and invite our neighbors to join us.

  • Week 1: Gather and Praise (assembly)
  • Week 2: Guide and Prepare (assembly)
  • Week 3: Go and Practice (bless group)
  • Week 4: Grow and Process (homes)
  • Week 5: Invite to OC (building)


Bless Groups are groups of approx. 12 Christians who will bless the world and grow in community with one another. We will share the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed in our neighborhoods, nursing homes, orphanages, schools, and other nearby organizations where there are opportunities.

  • Group makeup? Bless Groups are multi-generational with about a dozen people of all ages grouped together based on where you live.
  • Leadership? Each Bless Group has Mentors to help model service and Coordinators to help organize and communicate.
  • Location? Each month one Bless Group will serve from the building, but most will go into their community, neighborhoods, and homes.