Our Mission: Transformed



At Oliver Creek our mission is to be a church where people are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ

This thread runs through every single book and letter of the New Testament. This is God's plan for his people from eternity past (Rom 8:29), now in the present (2 Cor 3:18), and, ultimately, in the future (1 John 3:2; 1 Cor 15:49).

What does it mean to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ? It means we're made into people who glorify God, love one another, and bless the world


God is glorious, and he made us to reflect his glory like lights in the world. In Christ, he is transforming us to be living sacrifices, so we are called to worship God not just in an assembly together but in all of our lives (Rom 12:1-2). Our mission to glorify God means that in Christ He’s made us holy to worship Him.


God is love, and he made us to love one another. In Christ, he has shared his love with us by adopting us into his diverse, multi-dimensional family, so we are called to humbly use our gifts to serve and to shape one another (Rom 12:3-13). Our mission to love one another means that in Christ He’s made us family to serve one another.


God is the source of blessing, and he made us to bless the world. In Christ, we have received all spiritual blessings, so we are called to engage the world with the gospel of the kingdom of God as ambassadors of reconciliation (Rom 12:13-13:10). Our mission to bless the world means that in Christ He’s made us righteous to witness the gospel to the world.

THE transforming GRACES

How does this transformation happen? Only by God's grace. At Oliver Creek, we challenge each member to seek God's grace in the normal rhythms and routines of life. We have six habits - drawn from the life of Christ and the history of the church - which we encourage each member to practice in solitude, in community, and with the world.

We call these habits the transforming GRACES. 

  • Give thanks.

  • Reflect on the Word. 

  • Ask deeper questions.

  • Commune with God.

  • Eat together.

  • Serve your neighbor